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¡¡¡¡Maoming Tianyuan Trade Development C
o., Ltd. was established in November 1996, is a strong enterprise managing energy logistics and energy products, with management rights of petrochemical products and coal storage, a
nd management right of refined oil wholesale and import and export operation rights.¡­¡­
1.Petrochemical product management
2.Coal storage and management
3.Terminal handling
4.Ship rental
5.Project (investment)
6.Logistics transit
Gasoline Diesel 180# Heavy oil 200# Heavy oil 250# Heavy oil 380# Heavy oil
Address £ºGuangdong Province in Maoming City People's Road 168¡¡Postcode£º525000¡¡Tel£º+86.6682823698¡¡Fax£º+86.6682800755
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