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Human resources are the first resource of an enterprise, the source of power to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise, and the decisive factor that determines whether an enterprise can remain invincible in the fierce market competition. In line with the "people-oriented" strategic guiding ideology, Yuexiang Tianyuan Group has formed a talent concept with the characteristics of "Yuexiang Tianyuan" corporate culture, which aims to promote enterprises to absorb talents, cultivate talents, use talents, care for talents, and develop talents. To build a broad platform to realize the common growth of enterprises and talents and form a harmonious and win-win situation.
Talent Concept
(1) Advocate a "people-oriented" corporate culture (2) Strengthen the concept that human resources are the first resource (3) Create an atmosphere of "respecting talents, respecting knowledge, and encouraging innovation" (4) Extensively absorb all kinds of talents urgently needed by enterprises through multiple channels (5) Adhere to the concept of "selecting horses on the field" (6) Establish a career development channel for employees with hierarchical classification, clear goals, clear steps, and orderly promotion (7) Improve the distribution system that combines incentives and constraints, and takes into account external competition and internal fairness (8) Adhere to both introduction and stability, equal emphasis on cultivation and use, grasp the four key links of attraction, cultivation, encouragement and good use, and implement the four major projects of "introducing talents, cultivating talents, using talents and retaining talents"
Talent training system
Dual-channel employee career development system  Employees can choose management development channels based on their own strengths and interests, or they can choose professional development channels such as technology, products, and markets. Development on professional channels can obtain the same recognition and rewards as management channels. The company has designed supporting ability elements for employees of different professional categories at different levels of career development, so that employees know the direction of their efforts and development; at the same time, the company has designed a series of vocational training according to the standards of ability elements to help employees Meet capacity requirements as soon as possible and achieve development goals.

Comprehensive and diverse managerial leadership development and training system  The company combined the company's leadership model to create a comprehensive leadership development and training system. Whether it is a reserve cadre, a new cadre or a mature cadre, whether it is a grassroots cadre, a middle-level cadre or a senior management cadre, you can find the corresponding training program in the company's leadership development training system.
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