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Human civilization begins with learning to make effective use of natural resources, and human beings cannot live without energy every day. The "Yuexiang Tianyuan" brand symbolizes that we have long been led by the petrochemical industry, leading the common development of industries such as animal flow, project investment and real estate, and promoting the spirit of serving the society in a sustainable way. It means that our Tianyuan brand will be based in Guangdong and go to the world.
Brand logo interpretation
The orange on the left of the logo is the color of enthusiasm and harvest. It is bright and lively, like a flame rising into the sky, shining everywhere, symbolizing the power of energy to promote the progress of human civilization, and implying that Tianyuan’s dedication will eventually usher in the joy of harvest.
The blue on the right of the logo is the color of the sea and the sky. It is calm and atmospheric, such as sailing into the sea and riding the wind and waves, implying Tianyuan’s innovation and sustainable development.
The combination of the logo is shaped like the English letter "Y", which means that Tianyuan's "Yuan" is not only a source of water but also a steady stream of water. The whole logo symbolizes Tianyuan's corporate philosophy of positive, steady development, enthusiastic forge ahead, and pioneering innovation.
Corporate Culture
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Customer first, honesty and trustworthiness, pursuit of excellence, collaboration and win-win
Become a trusted and well-known modern comprehensive
Private Enterprise
Building a distinctive corporate culture that is compatible with modern enterprises is a very important task for Yuexiang Tianyuan at present and in the future, and it is an important guarantee for achieving leapfrog development and building a "centennial enterprise". In order to consolidate and strengthen the achievements of corporate culture construction, systematically and comprehensively carry out corporate culture work, urge all employees to unify their thinking, and practice them in actual work behaviors, build and promote brands, and combine the actual conditions and goals of corporate culture construction demand. Guided by the development strategy of the group company, with the goal of improving the cohesion, centripetal force and core competitiveness of the company, guided by the core values of the company, with the purpose of promoting the company's sustained, rapid and healthy development, with the core of fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees, and learning and innovation As a driving force, scientifically promote the construction of corporate culture, focusing on internally strengthening quality and externally building image. Strengthen the construction of corporate culture internally, strengthen brand image construction externally, enhance the spiritual realm, value concept and professional quality of all employees, stimulate management vitality, and cheer for the development of Yuexiang Tianyuan!
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