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On the afternoon of November 5th, the Gaozhou Haojin Football Team was formally established at the Gaozhou Stadium!
After the fifteenth round of the 2020 Maoming Football Association Super League, Jin Minghao was promoted to win the first place in the 2020 Maoming Super League qualifying match with a 2-0 victory ov
The golden breeze is refreshing, and the beauty is in the autumnal campus. In order to further beautify the campus, better welcome the grand opening ceremony of Dianbaihua, and create a cleaner and mo
This day on August 15th was a sunny day. It was a day for employees of Yuexiang Tianyuan Group to sweat for Dianbaihua. A total of 115 employees from the group headquarters and the group’s Maoming are
From August 8th to 9th, the second phase of "Beautify Campus" activities of Yuexiang Tianyuan Group was carried out smoothly. A total of 276 employees from the group headquarters and the group’s Maomi
In order to welcome the grand opening of the Dianbai School affiliated to South China Normal University on September 1, in this sweltering August, Yuexiang Tianyuan Group’s activities to "beautify the
After nearly a month of fierce competition, the Jinyuan Real Estate 2019 Maoming Spring Festival Cup Football Tournament hosted by Maoming Football Association held the final and award ceremony on Jan
On January 5, the "Jinyuan Real Estate 2019 Maoming Spring Festival Cup Football Game Opening Ceremony and New Year Football Parent-Child Garden Party" hosted by Maoming Football Association was held
In order to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between enterprises and schools, and enhance the friendship between schools and enterprises. On the afternoon of September 12, the basketball team o
In order to thank all employees for their hard work and hard work, enrich their amateur cultural life, cultivate their sentiments, ease their work pressure, enhance communication, promote understandin
Spring returns to the earth, everything is renewed. To celebrate Women’s Day, express the company’s blessings and greetings to female employees, so that the majority of female employees can live a hea
In order to promote Tianyuan’s corporate culture and reward cadres with outstanding performance and outstanding performance in 2012, the company organized this group of outstanding cadres for a 6-day
In order to further broaden the horizons of employees, better motivate the advanced, increase the enthusiasm of employees, enhance friendship, enhance cohesion, and reflect the affirmation and encoura
The annual March 8th Women's Day is here again, in order to express the company's care for employees, enrich employees' spare time, enhance communication with each other, and increase employees' enthu
On May 19, 2011, our company and Maoming City Construction Bank played a friendly basketball match on the basketball court of China Construction Bank. Chairman Yang of our company and President Mi of
On March 8, 2011, in order to celebrate the 95th "March 8th" International Women's Day and enrich the cultural life of our employees, all female employees of our company went to Luoding Longwan Ecolog
From November 19th to 20th, 2010, our company held the 7th anniversary celebration of Tianyuan Oil Depot in Dianbai Magang Yushui Ancient Hot Spring. The company's chairman Yang Jinming made a speech,

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