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Yuexiang Tianyuan Group was founded in November 1996. It is a modern comprehensive private enterprise with the petrochemical industry as the leader and coordinated development of animal flow terminal, project investment, real estate development, culture and education and inclusive health.
The company has a complete range of operating licenses. There are currently more than 30 wholly-owned, holding, and share-holding companies. It has bases and offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Foshan and Beihai. Its subsidiary Tianyuan Group Holdings Co., Ltd. has succeeded Listed on the Hong Kong main board, stock code: 06119.
At present, the group company has more than 3,000 employees, including more than 1,500 professional and technical personnel, with an annual sales income of more than 20 billion yuan. It is the first batch of key private enterprises in Guangdong Province and the top 100 private enterprises in Guangdong. Large-scale private enterprises.         The main items are: (as follows)
Energy Sector
The main projects currently in production and operation: 1. The 100,000 tons/year propylene project invested and constructed in Maonan Petrochemical Industrial Park mainly includes: 100,000 tons/year propylene unit, 500,000 tons/year pretreatment unit, 250,000 tons/year gas subunit, 600,000 tons/year Aromatics hydrogenation unit per ton/year, 400,000 tons/young aromatics hydrogenation unit, and supporting utilities. The total investment is about 1.6 billion yuan, and the output value is about 7 billion yuan per year. 2. The designed production capacity of 80,000 tons/year MTBE, 320,000 tons/year C4 isomerization and 160,000 tons/year C4 extraction plants jointly built with Maohua Shihua are stable in production and sales. 3. The 150,000-ton/year mixed aromatics separation project and the 200,000-ton/year liquefied gas comprehensive utilization project invested and constructed in Tieshan Port, Beihai, Guangxi have stable production and sales. 4. The 150,000 tons/year environmentally friendly solvent oil project invested and constructed in Maoming High-tech Zone mainly produces environmentally friendly solvent oil, mixed aromatics and other chemical products. 5. Foshan Shunde Fuel Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has a 1,000-ton special oil terminal; an oil depot with a reserve of 31,000 cubic meters. 6. Maoming Shunhe Petrochemical Co., Ltd., jointly funded by Guangdong Zhonghe Company, has a 32,000 cubic meter asphalt heavy oil storage area and a 39,000 cubic meter light oil tank area. The annual blending, processing and transfer asphalt oil product capacity can reach 1.5 million tons. 7. The oil depot of Maoming CNPC Tianyuan Oil Storage Co., Ltd. jointly funded and constructed with China National Petroleum Corporation has a total storage capacity of 24,000 cubic meters. It has built three sets of oil unloading platforms and oil pipelines connected to Mao Petrochemical Terminal, which can handle 30,000 Ton tanker. 8. CNOOC Asphalt (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., jointly invested with CNOOC, has a set of 800,000 tons/year heavy duty asphalt production equipment, a set of 100,000 tons/year modified asphalt equipment, and an oil depot with a total reserve of 130,000 cubic meters.
Real Estate Sector
1. There are seven real estate investment and development projects: ① Maoming "Golden Resources Times" project ②Maoming "Golden Resources and Prosperity" Project ③Lianjiang "Huayuan City" project ④Hezhou "Golden Resources • Kylin Square" project ⑤ Maoming "Golden Resources Bay City" project ⑥The "Golden Source • Sunshine City" project of Maoming Petrochemical Garden ⑦Maoming "Jinyuan Huafu" project 2. The group has successively undertaken a number of key BT projects of Maoming Municipal Government: ①The first and second phase construction of Civic Avenue ②Industry Avenue in Maoming High-tech Industrial Development Zone ③The section from Huancheng East Road to Country Garden City Garden in Dongwan New City ④Maoming East Connection Line of Baomao Expressway (Youcheng 10th Road) ⑤Expansion project of connecting line section between Yingbin North Road 325 National Road and Baomao Expressway ⑥Gemeihai Park and Gemeihai West Road Construction Project ⑦Nanhai tourist island road and west side shantytown renovation project
Logistics Sector
The group has two terminals, Tianyuan and Zhengyuan. Among them, Tianyuan Wharf has a 30,000-ton-class integrated wharf and a 5,000-ton Class C oil storage ship wharf, with an annual throughput of about 3.5 million tons; Zhengyuan Wharf is a 10,000-ton comprehensive wharf with five large warehouses. There are 2 large portal cranes, tire loaders, 11 mobile machinery such as forklifts and tractors, with an annual throughput of about 2 million tons. At present, the group owns 6 ships with a gross tonnage of 48,000 tons, of which "Zhongwei 1" is the largest bulk carrier in western Guangdong with a carrying capacity of 31,000 tons.
Cultural Education Section
The Dianbai School affiliated to South China Normal University was founded by the Group in cooperation with South China Normal University in Dianbai District, Maoming City with a total investment of over 1.5 billion yuan.
Inclusive Health Sector
In 2017, the group began to formulate a strategic plan for the health industry to develop a hospital-based integrated medical care and elderly care industry. It is committed to investing in public hospital upgrading and transformation, state-owned enterprise hospital mixed restructuring, health industry park development, and medical care in western Guangdong and Hainan. Nursing care combined with elderly care industry development, medical equipment wholesale and other businesses, gradually developed into the "Hospital Group" and "Elderly Group" brands, providing high-quality medical and elderly services to the local people. To meet the needs of standardized and professional management, the Group established a health industry operation center to coordinate the management of various subsidiaries, hospitals and construction projects under the health industry to promote the steady development of the health industry.
Address: Academic Exchange Center, No. 1, Lide Road, Dianhai Street, Dianbai District, Maoming City, Guangdong Province   Postal Code: 525400