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Maoming Jinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Address: Ground Floor, Building 16, Compound, No. 6, Youcheng 10th Road, Maoming City, Guangdong Province
Contact: Su Bohan Tel: +86-668-2836828
Maoming Jinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Jinyuan Real Estate) is a subsidiary of Yuexiang Tianyuan Group's real estate sector. It adheres to the business philosophy of "sources from all over the world, trusts all directions", and develops with "high-quality housing and high-quality residential buildings". Purpose, started in 2013, with strong strength, rapid development in recent years, there are currently 7 major projects (including wholly-owned and holding), with a total land area of about 1.06 million square meters and a total construction area of about 4.36 million square meters. At present, there are 5 projects in Maoming: Golden Resources Prosperity, Golden Resources Times, Golden Resources Bay City, Golden Resources Huafu, Petrochemical Garden, the development of large-scale urban complex project Huayuan City in Lianjiang urban area, and also expanded to Guangxi Hezhou Golden Kylin square. Based on the above land reserves and project development, Jinyuan Real Estate will base its future development in Maoming and take root in Maoming. At the same time, it will try to invest in more second- and third-tier cities, and even expand the market in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, making it a brand in Western Guangdong. The real estate development enterprises in Guangdong have injected a strong momentum into the development of the real estate market in western Guangdong.
Address: Academic Exchange Center, No. 1, Lide Road, Dianhai Street, Dianbai District, Maoming City, Guangdong Province   Postal Code: 525400