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Hezhou Hengrun Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Address: Intersection of Daxing Road and Nanyuan Road, Chengdong Street, Babu District, Hezhou City, Guangxi
Contact: Xie Zhonghong Tel: +86-774-5267777
Hezhou Hengrun Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The company structure is strictly designed in accordance with the modern enterprise model, the system is complete, the management organization is set up reasonably, the division of labor is clear, and the collaboration is smooth. With strong financial strength and highly specialized project development and management capabilities, it is a force in Hezhou City that has a strong sense of social responsibility and leads the technological management innovation of the real estate industry. At present, the company is working hard to build the Hezhou City "Golden Resources•Kirin Plaza" project, and strive to make it a local benchmark project. The project occupies an area of ​​48852.37 square meters. The project land is the core commercial land of the new expansion of the East New District of Hezhou City. It is adjacent to Taoyuan Road and Taoyuan Waterscape Belt in the east, and 500 meters straight from the south to Hezhou’s mother river, Hejiang, to the west. Within 800 meters there are important administrative departments of the Hezhou Municipal Government, with Ailian Lake, Hezhou Municipal Service Center and Cultural Center in the north. Our company is committed to building the project into a landmark large-scale commercial complex with advanced concepts in Southeast Guangxi. After the project is completed, it will become the new capital city of Hezhou and a new name card of Hezhou.
Address: Academic Exchange Center, No. 1, Lide Road, Dianhai Street, Dianbai District, Maoming City, Guangdong Province   Postal Code: 525400