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Yuexi West Life and Health Industrial Park
In December 2019, Maoming Tianyuan Health Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianyuan Health), a subsidiary of Yuexiang Tianyuan Group, signed an investment agreement with Maoming High-tech Zone to invest in the construction of stem cells, The "Western Yuexi Life and Health Industrial Park" is based on the application of genetic biotechnology to develop precision medical technology and serve the entire life and health cycle. The Western Yuexi Life and Health Industrial Park has a total investment of about 780 million yuan. It will introduce benchmarking companies in the biotechnology industry such as Shenzhen Beike Biology and Shenzhen BGI Gene to jointly build it, including life science museums, cell banks, gene banks, specialist hospitals, nursing homes, and medicine. Eight sub-projects including inspection and testing center, genetic testing center and cell preparation center. The industrial park prioritizes the establishment of a "full life cycle health management" service system, provides powerful medical supplements for surrounding cities and residents covered by the industry, provides sufficient genetic resource reserves, provides high-quality industrial services, and provides more comprehensive solutions ( Such as elderly care, anti-aging, chronic disease management, etc.).
Life Science Museum
Targeted drug pharmaceutical factory
Cell Bank/Cell Preparation Center
Gene Bank/Gene Testing Center
Medical Laboratory Testing Center
Specialist hospital/nursing home
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