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Gaozhou Haojin Football Team was formally established!

Issuing time:2020-11-13 10:25



On the afternoon of November 5th, the Gaozhou Haojin Football Team was formally established at the Gaozhou Stadium!

Mr. Che Huaming, Chairman of Maoming Football Association, and the management of Guangdong Jinming Haojin Football Club attended the inauguration ceremony.

The establishment of the Gaozhou Haojin Football Team created the first of Maoming's first cross-administrative branch establishment of a football team, injected fresh blood and vitality into Maoming football, and played a positive role in promoting the development of Maoming football. At the same time, it also provides a good communication platform for football fans, hoping that more football fans can join us and enjoy the fun of football.

Guangdong Jinming Haojin Football Club has been committed to promoting the vigorous development of local football. After years of experience accumulation, it is committed to developing into a first-class club with high competitive level, strong combat effectiveness, technical characteristics and tactical qualities in Western Guangdong, and strives to reach the provincial level The race is moving forward.

Gaozhou Haojin Football Team

Growth process




The predecessor of the Gaozhou Haojin Football Team was the Gaozhou Sports Lottery Football Team. The team was established in July 2007. It was formed by several like-minded football enthusiasts such as Tan Sunjian and Luo Yi. The never-say-fail football spirit. Team members come from all walks of life. The team has strong cohesion and good style of play. The strength of the team is well received by the teams in Maoming.





■ In 2007, the team participated in the "Dynamic Zone Cup" football match held in the first Dianbai. It stood out from the 32 teams and reached the semi-finals. Regrettably, it was defeated by the Suixi team and failed to go further, but it still won in the end. The third runner-up returned with a cup. In addition, the team did not win a red card or a yellow card during the game, and was awarded the "Ethical Style Award" by the Organizing Committee. The good style and strength of the team were praised by all teams.

■ In 2009, the team participated in the Maoming City Spring Festival Cup and entered the top six.

■ In 2010, the team participated in the Maoming Super League and advanced to the quarterfinals.

■ In 2011, the team participated in the second Maoming Amateur League and won the sixth place. The team's No. 7 player won the Maoming Super League top scorer.

■ In 2013, the team officially changed its name to "Great Wall Football Club", adhering to the tenet and philosophy of "Unity, Friendship, Fighting, Enterprising", and advocating the football spirit of "Never Say Never". It has attracted many football players, Operation and management have become normalized, which has set off a great wall in Gaozhou. Won the third place in the first high-level football league that year.

■ 2014 Super League runner-up.

■ In 2015, he won the runner-up in the Super League.

■ In 2016, he won the champion of Gaozhou City Spring Festival Cup. In 2016, he won the runner-up in the 2016 Super League and entered the finals of the "Mayor Cup" in Maoming City.

■ In 2017, he won the first grassroots league championship in Gaozhou City.

■ In 2018, he won the runner-up of the "Shigu Cup" of Gaozhou City, the champion of the Spring Festival Cup of Gaozhou City, and the runner-up of the Super League, and entered the finals of the "Mayor Cup" of Maoming City and won the sixth place. Won the champion of the "May 1 Labor Cup" football match in Gaozhou City.

■ In 2019, he won the third runner-up of the Gaozhou Spring Festival Cup. He won the runner-up in the High Super League and entered the finals of the "Mayor Cup" in Maoming City. Won the runner-up in the first U37 League. And began to communicate with the Maoming Haojin football team, from which a lot of exercises and a lot of valuable football ideas were absorbed.

■ In 2020, he won the championship of the Super League and was officially included in the Guangdong Jinming Hao Jin Football Club and was renamed "Gaozhou Hao Jin Football Team". This is of epoch-making significance for the development of the team, marking that the strength of the team will be stronger and the future can be expected to continue its glory.


Gaozhou Haojin Football Team


How can I, thanks to all of you, have been able to revitalize the Great Wall. From the sports lottery to the Great Wall, it has been ten years, and the roads are blue, covered with thorns and thorns. Only today's small achievements have been made, so Yishu has never fallen behind.

Every time the team puts people as the most important thing, there is no one in the first place, stealing the position of the team leader, exhausted, and never rushed to respond. The heart of Gou Wuquanquan, how can he succumb to sleep at night, keep the team in control, burn the ointment and continue the sundial, to enlighten the group?

The pen holder is pale and the green grass is green, I only hope for the wind of the Great Wall, the mountains are high and the water is long; I also hope that the Great Wall is solid and nothing can fall.

My colleagues, every phase spurs, advance and retreat together!


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