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The health industry has developed by leaps and bounds, and the medical landscape has achieved great

Issuing time:2020-11-20 16:08


(Leadership photo)

On November 20, 2020, Yangjiang Jianghua Hospital celebrated its 15th anniversary with a grand ceremony for the foundation laying of the new hospital complex. Yang Jinming, Chairman of Yuexiang Tianyuan Group, Ye Shirong, Director of Yangjiang Health Bureau, Yu Songyou, President of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Maoming Branch, Chen Zepeng, President of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Yangjiang Branch, Luo Yujin, President of China Guangfa Bank Yangjiang Branch, Chen Zhiguang, Deputy of China Construction Bank Maoming Branch President, Liu Changning, Deputy President of China Construction Bank Yangjiang Branch, Wang Cuili, Deputy President of Bank of China Yangjiang Branch, Xu Hongjiang, Deputy President of Agricultural Bank of China Yangjiang Branch, Mo Chengbei, Deputy Director of Yangdong District Health Bureau, Du Pai, President of Yangjiang Medical Association , Assistant President Wang Liang of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Maoming Branch, Assistant President Zhou Rong of Industrial and Commercial Bank Yangjiang Branch, Deputy General Manager Su Bohan of Yuexiang Tianyuan Group, General Manager Huang Yongcheng of Yuexiang Tianyuan Group Health Industry Operation Center, General Counsel of Cen Changzhan of Yangjiang Jianghua Hospital, Yangjiang Jianghua Hospital President Zou Jianfu, Vice President Yang Jinhua of Yangjiang Jianghua Hospital and other leaders attended the event, as well as representatives from dozens of companies in Yangjiang City, representatives of supplier cooperation units, more than 200 hospital staff representatives, and news media reporters.


(Speech by Dean Zou Jianfu of Yangjiang Jianghua Hospital)

Dean Zou Jianfu of Yangjiang Jianghua Hospital gave a detailed introduction to the hospital’s situation and development process in his speech. The hospital was founded in 2005 and successfully established a Class II Class A general hospital in 2018, becoming the only Class II Class A general hospital in Western Guangdong. It is a private hospital, and it is the only medical institution with occupational health examination qualification in Yangjiang City. Dean Zou said that taking the opportunity of laying the foundation for the new hospital, we will continue to insist on life first, insist on rejuvenating the hospital by science and education, take specialties as the lead, develop and introduce advanced medical technology, strengthen business training and medical management, and improve medical quality and comprehensive services. . To build the hospital into a high-level hospital with superb technology, high-quality service and excellent management, a comprehensive tertiary hospital that makes employees proud and satisfies the masses.


(Speech by Director Ye Shirong, the leader of Yangjiang Health Bureau)

In his speech, Director Ye Shirong, the leader of the Yangjiang Health Bureau, highly praised the hospital's contribution to the development of medical and health services in Yangdong District, and alleviated the difficulty of medical treatment for the surrounding people. Director Ye said that the start of the hospital's new complex is a new starting point for the development of the hospital, and it is also a major event in the development of health services in Yangdong District. The District Health Bureau will continue to pay attention to and support the development and construction of the hospital.


(Speech by Huang Yongcheng, General Manager of Health Industry Operation Center of Yuexiang Tianyuan Group)

Huang Yongcheng, general manager of the health industry operation center of Yuexiang Tianyuan Group, said in his speech that the group is full of confidence in the development of the hospital and has given its mission. The hospital will become the group's health industry medical technology practice base, medical professional technical personnel training base, and medical services Quality demonstration base. The group will inject sufficient funds for the development of the hospital, introduce outstanding talents, and formulate flexible mechanisms to build the hospital into a first-class private hospital in western Guangdong and even in Guangdong Province.


(Cut the ribbon at the groundbreaking ceremony)


(Chairman Yang Jinming of Yuexiang Tianyuan Group announced the official start of construction)

Under the joint witness of the guests, leaders such as Yang Jinming, Ye Shirong, Yu Songyou, Chen Zepeng, Luo Yujin, Chen Zhiguang, Liu Changning, Wang Cuili, Xu Hongjiang, Mo Chengbei, Du Pai, Su Bohan, Huang Yongcheng, Cen Changzhan, Zou Jianfu, Yang Jinhua, etc. The ground-breaking ceremony of the hospital complex building, the ribbon-cutting and ground-breaking ceremony, the ground-breaking ceremony of Yangjiang Jianghua Hospital was a complete success.

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